Monday, June 20, 2011

Fifteen Things to Accomplish Before I Turn Thirty

I’m going to deviate slightly from the topic of jewelry to introduce my official list of items to accomplish before I turn thirty years old in December 2012.  Some of these items do involve my jewelry making business, so I thought I would include it on my blog!  Here is the official list and I bolded the jewelry related items:

1)      Shoot a handgun (at a nonliving target)
2)      Climb a REAL cliff
3)      See the Pacific Ocean in person
4)      Make $3,000 in jewelry sales (Very ambitious I know!)
5)      Play “Greensleeves” on guitar (my favorite Christmas carol)
6)      Read the entire Bible cover to cover (working on this one….)
7)      Fully memorize fifteen Psalms in the Bible
8)      Go horseback riding
9)      Go on at least five dates (preferably with the same guy)
10)  Finish translating Aletheia discipleship course into French (my church’s Bible study course)
11)  Go on the zipline at Massanutten Resort near Harrisonburg, Virginia(completed this one on June 3, 2011)
12)  Read all of Jane Austen’s novels
13)  Find a place to volunteer once a week
14)  Lead a complete Bible Study one night
15)  Make a ring completely out of wire


  1. Do not htink it should be a problem!
    MAy be the reading of the Bible should not be a must before 30yo...takes more then time to read it and takes time and concentration. Never done it.

    Austen's work..easy! Why not watch the dvd?!?!?

    #4 very ambitious...but i guess it depends what you sale and where and when!!!! just went to an event and sold one piece...$ it really depends in howmany days you plan to sell $3000..!!!!
    good luck!

  2. Thanks-I'm trying to do as many craft fairs in the next year and a half to meet that goal.

    As for Jane Austen, I've already watched all the movies, but I don't think they count for the actual book haha.

  3. I am sure you will accomplish all of your bucket list. Your jewelry is beautiful and priced really well. Go far in life!!!!!!!!!